OEA Volunteer Form
Hello supporters of the OEA and Oakland schools!

This is your one-stop form to tell us how you want to get involved in fighting for the Schools Oakland Students Deserve.

OEA could be heading for a strike very soon. We are fighting to win smaller class sizes and SPED caseloads, fair teacher salaries, and more support staff in schools for students. To do this, we need your help! Plug in here... and don't forget to share this with your friends!

Note: This form will be updated as new workgroups form.

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Are there any school sites you are particularly connected with or would like to connect with (if possible for us to arrange)?
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Please select the various workgroups you are interested in joining. Please select ALL the workgroups you want to be involved in. This helps us coordinate the best way to plug people in.
Do you have any other ways you would like to plug in that we haven't listed here?
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Thank you for joining us in the fight for the Schools Oakland Students Deserve!
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