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Thanks for signing up to help us water trees! Access to water is one of the main determinants of tree health and influences how likely young trees are to reach maturity. By signing up to water a tree, you are helping promote the health of our urban canopy and keeping Elliot Park clean, green, and safe. Contact us at minneapolisdid@gmail.com to request any supplies or support you may need to keep your tree watered. 

To request this information in another language or format, please contact hello@elliotpark.org. Si aad u codsato foomkan oo qaab ama luqad kale ah, fadlan la xiriir hello@elliotpark.org.

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Your watering stipend will be mailed to you at the address provided. Alternatively, you may contact us to arrange pickup. 
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Tree ID numbers for public trees can be found on the provided tree adoption map.
**If you are part of our tree giveaway program, you will not see your tree on the map. Please skip this question or answer n/a.**
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The name will be displayed on our map. You may leave this blank if you do not wish to name your tree. 
If referred by someone, put their name here.
The person who referred you will get an additional lottery entry
Did you know, newly planted trees need 20 gallons of water a week? *
Trees should be watered each week that it does not rain more than 1 inch. Weather data can be found by following this link: Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground (wunderground.com)
Did you know, you should fill your tree's water bag once a week until the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit? *
Did you know, one year's worth of water for a tree costs less than a cup of coffee? *
Terms of Entry *
We are offering a $20 stipend if you commit to watering your trees once a week, May – October. In addition, we are offering a lottery prize to residents and tenants who commit to watering trees; each time you water, you can enter the drawing for monthly prizes of $100. A grand prize of $500 will be drawn at the end of the season. All prizes and stipends will be in the form of a Visa gift card. 

By signing up, you are committing to fill your tree's watering bag each week it does not rain 1" or more. Each week you water your tree, you are eligible for one lottery entry. To enter the lottery prize drawing, entries will be submitted each week by texting or emailing a photo of your tree with a full water bag to (612) 455-3448‬ or minneapolisdid@gmail.com.

If you miss a week of watering, please do not submit an entry for that week.
Lottery entries are limited to one entry per week per adopter. This lottery is intended to encourage residents who would not otherwise be paid for the work of watering, and as such, any person who receives compensation for the maintenance of the property which the tree is on does not qualify for the lottery.

Please leave a comment if you need more information or assistance with any supplies. 
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