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Where was the best place you ever lived?
What do you like best about where you live now?
If you could change anything about where you live now, what would it be?
Describe your dream home.
How do you expect this purchase to impact your life?
Where do you eat meals?
When you have friends over, what kinds of things do you have them over for?
What kind of work do you do at home?
What kind of space do you wish to have for visitors?
Do you have any hobbies or collections that need a place in your home?
What does an ideal day at home mean to you?
Are there other people or things that your home needs to accommodate?
What do you like to see in a neighborhood?
Are there any particular neighborhoods you already know you like?
If you will be commuting to work, how long is "too long" for a commute and where will you commute to?
What community activities are important to your family?
Generally, when you leave the house, where besides work do you go?
In an ideal world, where could you go when you first step outside your door?
In a home, what criteria are most important to you and how would you prioritize them?
What are your three must haves?
How will this home fit into your larger personal and financial goals?
If you have bought a home before, what worked well for you? What would you rather not repeat? (If this is your first home purchase, describe another large purchase like your first car.)
What kind of timeline do you have?
Who else will be involved in helping you make this decision?
Any allergies I should know about?
What concerns or questions do you have?
Anything you want to add?
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