Application Form: AI Governance Careers Workshop
The deadline for applying is Sunday, June 16, 2019 (23:59 CEST).

The AI Governance Careers Workshop aims to inform and connect European effective altruists interested in AI governance. To ensure this event is robustly beneficial we've consulted closely with organizations working in the AI governance space including FHI, CEA, CSER and 80,000 Hours. By facilitating ongoing connections between high-potential people interested in AI Governance with each other and those already in research, public-sector, or think tank jobs we expect to:
- Help research organizations find new talent.
- Encourage participants to commit to careers in AI governance by providing support and concrete advice.
- Create a collaborative European community of people engaged with current research.

Who: EAs who consider entering a career in AI governance (policy, strategy) from all over Europe
What: 2.5-day workshop with career advice, networking, resource sharing, and skill building.
When: Friday, September 13, 2019 (17:00) to Sunday, September 15, 2019 (17:00). Full attendance is required.
Where: ETH Zurich (Student Project House), Switzerland.
Cost: participation including meals is free, travel subsidies are available, accommodation with local EAs is offered.
Organizers: a team from Effective Altruism Zurich with speakers from the Future of Humanity Institute (Oxford) and others, funded by CEA's Long-Term Future Fund.

We imagine that a participant who satisfies some (but not necessarily all) of the following criteria will benefit highly from this workshop:
* Familiarity with core principles of Effective Altruism (e.g. cause prioritization, cause impartiality, methodological thinking)
* Strives to achieve maximal impact through their career (along the considerations of 80,000 Hours)
* Seriously considers a career path in AI governance (policy, strategy) and could benefit from further resources and networks in the field
* Background in e.g. political science, international relations, security studies, law, economics, history, philosophy, social sciences, computer science, machine learning
* Familiarity with mathematical and technical reasoning
* Currently Europe-based

Participants will be selected according to their fit through the application below.
Filling out this form - including stating your views on AI governance - may take you around 45 min.
We will notify you around June 26, 2019 whether your application has been accepted or rejected.

The workshop will require several hours of preliminary readings which will be discussed in a few online meetings, as well as follow-up engagement. We want to create an ongoing community where resources, advice, and opportunities are being shared.

Feel free to ask any questions to
If you want to attend but have some uncertainties to clarify first, you can tell us in this form.
If you can't attend in September but want to be kept in the loop about developments in the AI governance careers field, let us know by emailing Alex.

This workshop is not being announced publicly. Feel free to forward to suitable candidates, but make sure they fit the required profile.
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