NYS Locked Speed Limits To Do List
This form is used to request speed limits be entered to specific segments which are locked above your level.
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You must make sure to only select A SINGLE ROAD TYPE in each requested PL
If your selection includes multiple road types, the speed limit fields are hidden in WME, and we will not be able to process it.
WME Permalink WITH SEGMENTS (please hold the layers) *
Please make sure the PL includes all the segments you want the SL added to, but they should all fit in one screen at a selectable zoom level (minimum zoom 3 for highways, and closer for streets). Otherwise some segments will not be selected when we process it. Please try to remove the layers from the PL using WME Toolbox (press shift before copy), or WME Keep My Layers extensions.
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How many segments are included in your selection? *
Shown in the top of the left panel. This is to ensure we process all the segments you selected.
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What is the speed limit *
Which county is this request in? *
So our area managers can easily find the requests they able to process.
What rank are the segments locked at? *
Please use the highest lock rank if there are multiple levels in your selection.
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