2020-21 AP Language Contract and Summer Reading
Fill out this form to verify that you have received the AP Contract and Summer Reading assignment for the 2020-21 AP Language and Composition course. In case you have misplaced the contract and summer reading assignment instructions, you can find a digital copy here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m_BCCq0b3EhQno7EWcly8G9IQlf4rYgLKbhYeFasvI4/copy
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Initial below to affirm the following statement: “I have reviewed the above reading list, and, understanding that Advanced Placement classes are consistent with the rigor of a college-level course, recognize that some of the works may contain content intended for mature readers. I accept the challenges of the AP curriculum.” *
*Type your initials to confirm (e.g., VBO). Please note that you are still expected to submit the completed AP contract, signed by you and your parent/guardian, on the first day of school.
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