Before filling the registration form, please read trough the rules of Tanssistudio Marjo Terästö ( You can also fill a paper version of the form at Tanssistudio.
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The monthly fee/tuition fee invoice will be emailed to the email address you provided on the registration form. You can also get a bank transfer form from the studio if needed. The billing fee for a postal invoice is 3e. The student should send / show a receipt for the payment made to Marjo.

Monthly payments are due on the 24th of each month. When paying with the tuition fee you get a 10% discount on regular prices. The tuition fee can be paid in two installments when enrollment has taken place before the first due date. Otherwise, the tuition fee will be paid in one installment.

Tuition Fee:
1st installment = by 24. of August
2nd installment = by 24. of September

1st installment = by 24. of January
2nd installment = by 24. of February

If tuition fees are not paid on time, they will automatically become monthly fees. If you haven’t paid your invoice on time you will be charged with payment reminder of 5e.

10x card:
The card is personal. No discounts, payout 1 week. After making the payment, the student receives a card from Marjo. Validity until the end of that academic year. 10 x card details and prices on the website.

A 10x professional card (member of the Dance/Theater Professionals Association) is also available.
The Pro 10x Pro is valid for as long as there are visits. Professionals 10x card just by showing union membership card.

One-time payment:
No discounts. Pay in cash immediately at Studio or via email invoice. Payment within the same day. For more information and prices on one-time payments, visit our website.

Tanssistudio rules, price list and related information can be found at &
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