ECHO Leadership Program Application
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome! We are glad you are interested in having your daughter join the Girls Inc. high school program!

The ECHO Leadership Program is a series of virtual interactive workshops for high school girls in their sophomore or junior year. The program focuses on Planning for a College Education; Careers; Basic Health/Nutrition; Families, Culture; Public Speaking; Importance of Voting; Budgeting and Entering the Workplace, etc.

There is a total of 11 virtual sessions throughout the year long program. We will meet twice a month for 1 hour and 30 minutes. We hope to be able to work with your daughter in this program, and have your support. Please complete the following information in order to be considered for the ECHO Program.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current pandemic, this year we had to transition to making our programs virtual. We are extremely excited to be able to invite girls from other schools we are not normally able to serve which means our groups will be made up of girls from a variety of schools. We are happy to have the opportunity to invite girls from all schools, and for that reason we ask that:

1. You tell us what school you attend. If your school site is not listed, please type it in under OTHER
2. From the list of 8 sites* in the following question, please select what "site/group" you are interested in

The *8 sites you see listed are sites where we normally host our programs, but does not mean all girls will be from that school. With virtual meetings, we have eliminated transportation issues in hope this helps more girls join us at one of our virtual program options!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Andrea at: or 831-772-0882.
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