Instrumental Music Enrollment 2017-2018
Please complete this form to enroll your child in the band program. Do not rent your instrument just yet, unless you plan on taking summer music lessons (more info below)

**Returning students do not have to submit this unless they are switching to a new instrument.**

Lessons begin the 3rd week of September, but you can sign up as early as today! It is helpful to know if your child has taken lessons previously on this instrument, so I can place in an appropriate lesson group. Feel free to email me with any further questions (, but most answers can be found on my website

You will be contacted to confirm enrollment, then once the schedule is complete, what day your child should bring in their instrument. If there are 25 flutes, and 5 clarinets, I will contact you to see if you can help keep our band balanced. Drummers do learn all percussion instruments, and should not expect to play on snare drum only (no drumset available)

Rental forms for The Music Shop can be found on my website as well. These are suggested vendors, but not required. METHOD BOOKS can be found on my website

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As of September, they will be in:
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Homeroom Teacher
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First choice instrument:
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Has your child taken lessons on this instrument before?
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If so, for how many months/years, and do they still take lessons outside of school?
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Most of my communication is done through email, or an App called Seesaw or Remind. My website is also updated on a weekly basis ( Please provide your email address below to be added to my mailing list (lesson schedules, rehearsal dates, etc.)
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Lessons begin in September and take place during the school day. If your child is pulled for Basic Skills, Soar 21, or any other activities please check the box below. This will assist me in creating a lesson schedule that doesn't impose on their other activities (if possible)
I understand band is separate from lessons, and rehearses before school 7:45-8:15am. Once your child reaches benchmarks in their books (first five notes) they will be invited to attend band rehearsals and learn music separate from the book assignments.
I am interested in receiving a list of private music teachers in the area and/or a brochure for Summer Music classes in July at the High School
My child already has their instrument and does not need to rent
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