Nominate an artist/performer for TEDxTUM
Imaginative performances are an essential part of the TEDxTUM lineup. We are convinced that dynamic, creative experiences help to not only engage the audience but also digest the cognitive load from the talks during the day. This helps to strike a balance between the two sides of the brain and set the mood for the event.

Have you experienced an inspiring artist or a group that you believe deserves a bigger stage? Tell us about them!

It doesn’t matter whether they dance, sing, play an instrument or do live performances of any other kind. We are particularly interested in unique artists, wild genres, surprising combinations of media as well as bringing unconventional instruments to the stage.

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Which artist/performer do you want to see on stage? *
The candidate should be local (living <300km away from Munich) and ideally have a unique angle within their genre.
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Describe their art. *
Are they a musician, dancer, painter, multi-media artist or something completely different?
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Why do you think this kind of performance suits the TEDxTUM stage? *
Is it for instance relaxing, amusing or invigorating? Keep in mind that performances are limited to ~10min.
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Is there anything else that we should know?
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