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Thank you for your interest in Functionally Fictional. We offer 100% free promotion for all books. Please read all the way through. Here's how it works:

- On the Promoted Books page, each book gets its own post, which includes the title, author, cover photo, purchase link (Amazon unless otherwise specified), and synopsis. These are not shared on Functionally Fictional's social media pages unless it is the book's release day or there is a specific reason for it to be shared (such as a giveaway or event).

- Every week, there is a featured book on the homepage. This includes all of the previously mentioned information, as well as any author information you wish to share (bio, photo, social media/website links, etc.). This is updated each Monday. Once it is up it is shared on Functionally Fictional's Facebook and Twitter pages. At the end of the week, featured books are moved to the Promoted Books page.

*Featured books are first come, first served. However, exceptions will be made for new releases. If a book is already scheduled for that week, there may be more than one featured book.*

- Cover reveals for new releases are put on the Promoted Books page, then shared across Functionally Fictional's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A simple graphic may be designed as a sneak peek to get people to click on the full article with synopsis and purchase link, please inform ahead of time if this is not okay.

- We're starting author interviews. If we haven't reviewed your book, please be prepared to provide a few book-specific questions. Otherwise they will be generic questions about you as an author and your book(s).

- If you provide an ebook for a review, please make sure it is either a Mobi or ePub file (PDFs are difficult to read on the devices most used by the team).*

- If you provide a physical book, a photo will be shared on Instagram regardless of if there is a review, but a review is more guaranteed.

*NOT currently taking review requests with set deadlines. If you're okay with waiting, we'll add it to the list. Please specify if you want a specific team member to read and review the book. Otherwise it will go to who is available and/or interested in the specific title.*
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**By filling out this form, you understand that all of this is done to help the author and/or publisher. There is no monetary gain for those involved in Functionally Fictional unless otherwise specified with affiliate links. We are not involved in the sales, nor do we collect data on each book's traffic. You also understand that we have the right to not finish a book, and requesting a review does not guarantee it be positive. Readers will provide honest opinions on what they read, and all thoughts are their own.**
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