Pre - Test About the Heart
Read the questions below and choose the BEST answer for each question. There is only 1 right answer.
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1. Your heart is about the size of your *
2. How long does it take for your heart to pump blood through your body? *
3. This is good for your heart. *
4. How many minutes per day should you exercise your heart? *
5. How many chambers does the heart have? *
6. The movement of the blood through the body is called...... *
7. The beating sound your heart makes comes from.... *
8. The atria/atrium are the "upstairs" chambers of the heart, and these parts are the "downstairs" chambers: *
9. What parts act like "doors" that open and close to control blood flow in the heart? *
10. The muscle that pumps blood throughout your body is: *
11. With Circulation, the heart provides your body with: *
12. What is the name of the wall that separates the right and left side of the heart? *
13. What organ removes the waste materials from our blood? *
14. These are the tubes (blood vessels) that carry blood away from the heart: *
15. These are the tubes (blood vessels) that carry blood to the heart from the rest of the body: *
16. Inside these tubes, oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide. *
17. Checking your heart rate (pulse) when you are seated is also called your: *
18. Which of the following conditions are responsible for heart disease? *
19. Approximately how much does an adult human heart weigh? *
20. Your heart is located *
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