AYS Human Resources Department Hiring Manager Application.
Your Job as a hiring manger or "Recruitment manager" is to advertise one of our departments depending on what it is required or requested at the moment, so said department can have members to hire if they are lacking on members. You MUST make sure each member that applies for any position or department through you fulfill ALL our hiring requirements which will be available and listed to you at all times. You will not participate in the hiring process beyond this, you will not help grade, or hire any applicants. You will be retired to provide proof of all your post, whether that is on another place, or an exchange on someone's DMs (Revolving the advertising process). Keep in mind, this Is a repetitive position, and you will not gain much of any promotions of any kind through this position alone.

We will not be accepting any low quality applications. Put as much effort into them, a 2 sentences or less application on each question won't be eligible to be accepted.
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