Punknews Podcast 2018 Survey
The Punknews Podcast has surpassed 400 episodes! We love doing the show but we're eager to shake things up and keep things interesting. Help us out by anonymously answering some questions about the show.
The Punknews Podcast records one episode per week. How satisfied are you with the frequency of podcast episodes? *
A Punknews Podcast episode can, with songs, clock in at over an 1.5 hours. What do you think about the typical episode length? *
The podcast has several recurring segments. How much do you like them? *
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Somewhat satisfied
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Pre-news banter
News of the week
Record collecting
Bonus interviews
Punx Points
Would you prefer: A) our traditional episode structure [short intro, song, 2-3 news stories, song, 2-3 news stories, song] or B) a looser discussion-based format that goes where the conversation takes it.
Do you use the Punknews Podcast primarily as a news source or as a place to hear commentary? *
How much of the songs do you listen to? *
How often to you visit the Punknews.org website *
How closely do you associate the Punknews.org website & brand with the podcast? *
Would you be willing to help crowdfund the Punknews Podcast via Patreon? *
Would you be interested in Punknews Podcast merchandise (shirts, stickers, mixtapes etc) *
What can the Punknews Podcast do to improve?
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Any additional feedback for us?
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Should you be listening to more Cro-Mags?
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