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Most small businesses fail within just a few years. This is a huge problem, because the livelihoods of more than 60 million people in the US depend on the success of small businesses. It's really hard out there for small businesses. They can't afford to have in-house accounting departments -- often, they find it hard to even afford a single full charge bookkeeper. As a result, millions of small business owners end up doing the bookkeeping themselves -- leading to inaccuracies that make it way harder to run a business, and even IRS issues. Small businesses that hire a professional bookkeeper are often better off, but because fees are extremely high, and because small businesses usually have no good way to figure out whether a bookkeeper does a good job, they often end up paying a lot for a pretty mediocre service. With BooksTime, small businesses can finally afford the high quality bookkeeping they need to survive and thrive.

We use the latest technology to enable fully remote bookkeeping. With a remote model, we can leverage a global team of world-class bookkeepers and deliver a high level of service at prices that are below market rates in the US. Because the cost of living in the locations where our overseas teams work (Eastern Europe and the Philippines) is way lower than anywhere in the US, we can hire the best of the best abroad -- and still keep prices low for US clients.

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