2016-2017 Qaid Monthly Report
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Served under Motamid Khalid Bhatti
Email: aitmad@mkausa.org
Cell: 713-382-6781
General meeting held this month? *
Goal is 1 per month. Local/Regional/National ijtemat count as general meetings.
Amila meeting held this month? *
Goal is 10 per year (minimum 33% amila members present to hold amila meeting)
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Served Under Mohtamim Muhammad Ahmad
Email: ishaat@mkausa.org
Cell: 512-629-6092
How many tweets of local nature did you tweet from your official Majlis Account? *
Retweets do not count. Tweets must be of local nature
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Comments for Isha'at
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Served Under Mohtamim Madeel Abdullah
Email: khidmatekhalq@mkausa.org
Cell: 610-761-5476
Number of people fed on a mass scale *
Mass Scale - mass feeding using an existing food bank and collaborating with them. Must be done without MKA or Jamaat Funds.
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Number of people fed using MKA or Jamaat Funds *
Completely separate from the mass scale feeding programs.
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Number of food items collected *
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Number of blood units collected *
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Number of people who were helped/visited, including elderly, widows, orphans, refugees, victims of abuse, and the destitute *
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Comments for Khidmat-e-Khalq
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Served Under Mohtamim Waqar Bajwa
Email: maal@mkausa.org
Cell: (925) 525-9297
How many khuddam did Qaid or Nazim Maal visit this month who have not paid their Chanda in full? *
Majalis with unusually long distances may report phone conversation as visits. Please list such details in the comments section
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Comments for Maal
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Served Under Mohtamim Zarik Khan
Email: sanatotijarat@mkausa.org
Cell: (630) 309-2640
Number of currently unemployed khuddam *
For unemployed khuddam or any khuddam who are looking for a change, please direct them to the following links so they can connect with the National Sanat-o-Tijarat departmenta) MKA Career Services - additional assistance with resume writing, job interview preparation, and cover letter writing - https://careers.mkausa.org/contact-us/b) MKA Careers Website - create an account on the above website - https://careers.mkausa.org/member/?action=login&mode=register
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Number of khuddam who have acquired a skill, craft or trade this month *
Please explain in comments which skill/craft/trade and how this was done, for example the person obtained a license, certification, completing an apprenticeship, or similar. Please also list names and skill/trade/certification gained in order to receive credit for this question
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Comments for Sanat-o-Tijarat
Please register at the following site - sign up as an "I'm an employer looking to hire" - and post any available Job Opportunities here - https://careers.mkausa.org/member/?action=login&mode=register If you have trouble signing up, send the job opportunity to sanat-o-tijarat@mkausa.org
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Served Under Mohtamim Usman Jamil
Email: sehatejismani@mkausa.org
Cell: 301-938-4364
Number of Pray Healthy events held *
Pray Healthy events include: purchase healthy snacks or meals for khuddam to consume after salat. Organize and lead a group workout, challenge, or fitness activity after salat. Give a presentation or speak on the Benefits of eating healthy or Islamic Hygiene. National Dept. will send out resources to use or feel free to research and share on your own. Goal is once per month
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Number of khuddam who attended a khuddam organized sporting event *
If a khadim organizes an event and the Qaid is aware of the event, it can count towards this. Include Fajr Fit numbers.
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Comments for Sehat-e-Jismani
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Served under Mohtamim Imam Faran Rabbani
Email: tabligh@mkausa.org
Cell: 202-322-9014
Number of Bai'ats *
Only include bai'ats where majority of tabligh was done by a khadim. Include contact information in comments section below or no points will be awarded
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Number of “Meet a Muslim” sessions your Majlis had this month *
Meet a Muslim - In a public place have a visible sign identifiying yourself as a Muslim and allow people to ask you questions. Bonus: Periscope the event. Goal is twice per month
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Number of Holy Qur’an Exhibitions did your Majlis have this month *
Goal is 1 per quarter
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Number of flyers given out this month *
Goal is 250 per Khadim per year.
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How many khuddam participated in Jamaat led Tabligh Activities this month *
2 events with 2 khuddam would equal 4. Please provide details in Comments Section.
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Comments for Tabligh
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Served under Mohtamim Ibrahim Chaudhry
Email: tajneed@mkausa.org
Cell: (571) 278-3243
Did you reconcile Tajneed this month *
Update must be done at https://finance.mkausa.org
Comments for Tajneed
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Served under Mohtamim Yasir Mirza
Email: taleem@mkausa.org
Cell: 512-669-6805
Did you present the current monthly Taleem presentation in your general meeting? *
Goal is once per month
Number of khuddam led Taleem events this month other than Taleem slides *
Provide details in comments. Dars after Salat doesn't count. Minimum attendance to count - Large: 7 khuddam, Medium: 5 khuddam, Small: 3 khuddam
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Did you conduct book reading club discussion in your monthly meeting? *
This is where each khadim gives 1-2 min presentation on what he read that month. Suggested Reading List: http://www.mkausa.org/download/suggested-book-reading/ Sample Google Form for Signups: https://goo.gl/5lGtGy (Create your own locally)
Comments for Taleem
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Served under Mohtamim Ashfaq Khan
Email: tarbiyyat@mkausa.org
Cell: 240-444-0980
Did you present the suggested monthly Tarbiyyat presentation in your general meeting? *
Goal is once per month
Did the Qaid write a letter to Huzoor (aba) this month? *
Please base your writing to Huzoor on the monthly topic
Number of khuddam that the Qaid has met this month *
Using funds allocated by National Jamaat Shura. The “Qaid and I” initiative goal is to meet all khuddam outside of the mosque setting. Once you have met a Khadim, do not count them again for the rest of the year. List names in Comment Section. No points will be given if name is not given
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Congregational Salat discussed during general meeting? *
Have any new Khuddam/Atfal refugees moved into your Majlis? *
If answered yes, please fill this brief form -- https://goo.gl/forms/T4ZEt6PqnK2GOgM73
Comments for Tarbiyyat *
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Served under Mohtamim Umair Ahmad
Email: tarbiyyatnau@mkausa.org
Comments for Tarbiyyat-Nau-Mobaeen
For any new converts in your majlis, please fill their contact information here: https://goo.gl/forms/qmxp1T2BFbuaiFGk1
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Served under Mohtamim Ahmed Bajwa
Email: umoomi@mkausa.org
Cell: 571-215-6053
Were the premises secured during all Friday and Eid prayers? *
Minimum goal is for all Jumma and Eid prayers. However, other local, regional including Lajna events should be covered as well per need
Was there any visitation, meeting, interaction with local Sheriff office or attended local public safety meeting? *
Minimum goal is twice per year
Did your mosque hold an emergency evacuation drill? *
Minimum goal is once per year
Comments for Umoomi
Volunteers -- Submit names of khuddam who are willing to serve at a local, regional, and national level events for Umoomi here: http://goo.gl/forms/X2l8TZ6Ja8.
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Served under Mohtamim Mirza Harris Ahmed
Email: amuretalaba@mkausa.org
Cell: (920) 203-2088
Describe in details of AMSA events or any other programs/activities held to enhance students' educational success? *
Please share details of your local activity such as career counseling programs, Jumma excuse assistance, scholarships assistance, tutor-led classes, Khuddam receiving educational awards, AMSA event, title, venue, participants, attendance, and any media coverage.
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Comments for Umur-e-Tulaba
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Served under Mohtamim Niaz Butt
Email: waqareamal@mkausa.org
Cell: 610-227-5490
Number of Waqar-e-Amal hours served for this month *
Physical work not completed in your own house or job can be counted as Waqar-e-Amal. Man hours are calculated by time in hours multiplied by number of people (e.g., 3 khuddam who worked for 90 minutes would be 3 X 1.5 = 4.5)
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Number of trees planted *
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Number of times mosque/prayer center has been cleaned up this month *
Goal is once per month. Minor, or quick clean-ups should not be counted. Only Organized Waqar-e-Amal can be counted.
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Comments for Waqar-e-Amal
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National and Regional Events
Number of hours served for regional and/or national events this month *
Do not count local events
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General Comments
Please include any general comments/concerns that you have
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