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PeerGuide provides free educational assistance to K-9th grade students who don't have sufficient academic support at home. This can include, but is not limited to, students living in a single-parent/guardian household, students with two working parents/guardians (that don't have the time or resources to help their student), students in the Foster Care System, students from low income/underrepresented communities, students with special education needs, or students that fall into any other moderate to high risk categories. So, keep this in mind when signing up. There is no need to disclose this information when signing-up, but those students will get priority.
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Rules, Terms, and Conditions
Parents/Guardians are getting access to high school student’s names, email, and phone numbers of a given tutor. Any misuse of personal information will result in the student’s removal from the program.

Tutor’s given information is CONFIDENTIAL and should never be shared

Foul language is highly unacceptable. Inadequate or inappropriate behavior of the student or parent/guardian will result in consequences including removal from the program.
Parents are welcome to monitor class sessions

PeerGuide takes no responsibility for our tutors’ actions. If a conflict were to occur, and the tutor was at fault, the individual will be removed from the program but PeerGuide would not be held liable.

Report anything to including suggestions, complaints, questions, and comments.

If you want to leave the program at any time, just inform us one week before your end date.

It is the parent/student and tutor’s responsibility to schedule classes. There is no requirement of how many classes you schedule in a given timeframe, but we encourage maintaining a recurring schedule of one session per week.

Your tutor will aid you with the ZOOM link prior to the scheduled meeting via email or phone number

As the parent or legal guardian of the child, I do hereby waive, release, and hold harmless PeerGuide, its tutors, and its representatives of any issues that may arise.

*Terms and conditions subject to change; please refer to for the latest version
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