Grand Mountain Adventure - Gamers Corner!
We are very interested to hear what parts of GMA you would like to see more and less of. What parts you use and what parts you don't care about.

We will use the result to guide the development a little bit!

Thanks in advance!
How do you play?
Bronze, Silver, Gold times and scores in challenges
Double diamond times and scores in challenges
Unlocking new lifts
Unlocking new mountains
What do you think about Top Tricks / Trick Spots?
What do you think of the different elements in the game!
Slalom challenges
Trick challenges (where you have to follow a set of gates)
Trick challenges (where you can pick any path you want)
The Top Tricks (mentioned above)
Distance challenge (get as far as possible before time runs up)
Drop challenge (get the best three drops before time runs up)
Top-to-bottom-challenge (get from the top to the bottom of the mountain)
Various trials hidden around the mountain
Various ski-passes hidden around the mountain
What 1 thing do you miss in the game? (except snowboard, twintip skiis, and new mountains)
Your answer
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