Questionnaire for companies
PALMINA INVEST works with top analytic teams in crypto & VC market.
We rely on professional independent researchers and all outcomes based on detailed project due-diligence and our partners experience and expertise.

For projects: If we consider results of that research as positive we would be happy to work with your team as strategic partners/investors. If no we will show the right course. Survey results will help you investigate possible fields of future improvements in order to reach the project goals.

For investors: We make technical audit (code audit), token analytics and team Due Diligence to help you to make the right choice and smart investments.
Project Name *
Website *
Contacts (management team) *
Short project overview. Why your approach is unique? Name some key features of your project. *
Documentation (teaser, presentation, video explainer, white paper, blue paper, financial model). Provide links for the documents above. *
Founders & Executives (name, position, profile link) *
Social Media links (Telegram channels, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, etc) *
Forums and communities links (Telegram Chats, BitcoinTalk, Reddit) *
GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket links
Do you have MVP? If yes, provide link on code source or testnet.
Partnerships and Investors
Existing partnerships (company, link)
Existing investors (company, link)
Advisors (name, link)
Opinion leaders, bloggers, other
ICO (Mandatory to fill out for ICOs)
Token functionality. Security or Utility? What the token allows the token holder to do? What is the token role in your project?
Hard Cap
How much was already raised and how (private or public sale)?
Are you planing public token sale? If yes, when?
Token sale start date
Token sales end date
Token price during ICO (in USD & ETH)
Total number of issued tokens
Discounts (round №, date, bonus, %)
Minimum investment size
Legal registration and details
Are there any prohibited countries for your token sale?
Is this investment product registered with the SEC?
Lock-ups & vesting schedule (round №, date, lock-ups)
Min/Max investment amount for each round
Use of funds in percentages
Other information / comments
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