BATIBOUW: exposition circular building
For the Batibouw exhibition VIBE vzw and Pixii - Knowledge Center for Energy Neutral Construction will select sixteen products and related services that contribute to circular construction and illustrate different facets of circularity. The selection is based on the provided information and the product's compliance with the different criteria, as listed below. Specific focus will be on innovative solutions, also with regards to the selection of last year. The exhibition will mainly present (but is not limited to) products and services that are produced locally and are available on the Belgian market, at the same time aiming for a general spread over different functions.

The selected products will be presented through informative posters and product samples. If your product is selected, you will be contacted with more details and practical information regarding the collection of visual material.

Unfortunately we can only exhibit a limited number of products. In the selection process, we take into account the innovative nature of the construction product and we strive for a broad spread that highlights different facets of circular construction for different types of products such as structure, techniques, insulation, building systems or finishing. We evaluate and present the products based on various criteria: reversibility, simplicity, speed, compatability, manageability, lifespan, independence, pace-layering, prefabrication, renewable, compostability, recycling, upcycling, reuse, material passport and circular business model.

Deadline: 31/12/2019
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Reversibility (connections can be undone without damage)
Simplicity (common connections that don't require a specialist)
Speed (fast assembly and disassembly)
Compatability (standardized and interchangeable)
Durability (can stand repeated transport or reuse)
Manageability (easy to handle by one worker)
Independence (can be removed seperate)
Pace-layering (layered according to lifespan)
Prefabrication (off-site montage into modules)
Renewable (resources can be naturally replentished)
Compostable (materials are biodegredable)
Upcycling (waste isused as a resource)
Reusable (building components get a second life)
Material passport (building components are identiable)
Monitoring (performance feedback is provided)
Acces over ownership (contractor remains owner)
Performance-based contracting (contractor provides service instead of a product)
Take-back agreement (components are returned at end-of-life)
Optional: If necessary, provide some additional information with regards to these criteria. You can answer in Dutch or French.
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