Barnard Student Life Leadership Development Grant (SLDG)
Thank you for your interest in the Student Life Leadership Development Grant! Each semester Barnard Student Life sets aside a portion of financial resources to assist Barnard students who wish to pursue individual or group leadership development opportunities through conference/workshop attendance. For consideration, an application must meet the following requirements:

*Only Barnard students (in good standing) are eligible to apply.
*The leadership experience must directly relate or contribute to the personal development of the Barnard student(s) who attend.
*The SLDG may not be used to fund research or academic programs/conferences.
*Strong preference will be given to applications which highlight how the knowledge gained will be applied on campus.
*All Leadership Development Grant applications must be received at least 4 weeks before the conference/workshop is scheduled to take place.
*Due to fund limitations, only requests for domestic travel opportunities can be considered.

Please be aware applications will be reviewed on a biweekly basis so we encourage students to apply at least two weeks prior to the event. You will be notified by a staff member in Student Life about the status of your application.
Let's start with the basics!
Name *
If applying as an individual, list your first and last name. If applying as a student organization, please list the organization name.
Email address *
Please use your Barnard email address/ club alias only
Phone Number *
What is the name of the conference/workshop you'd like to attend? *
Where is conference/workshop being held? *
Please list the city, state, and specific location of the event. If attendance requires out of town travel, each participant is required to have a completed Barnard travel waiver on file with Student Life.
When is the conference/workshop taking place? *
Please list the specific date or date range below
In this next section, we'd like to learn more about the budget breakdown and costs.
Please provide a detailed breakdown of costs associated with conference/workshop attendance. *
Be sure to include things like: registration fees (per person or per group), travel and lodging expenses, etc.
What is the individual or student organization financial contribution towards this experience? *
Be sure to include a breakdown of what these contributions are being used for.
How much financial support are you seeking from Student Life? *
Please indicate an amount or range of funds necessary to help you achieve your goal.
What are you hoping to gain from this experience? How will attendance enrich your personal development or campus leadership? *
Strong preference will be given to applications that explain how the knowledge gained will be applied on campus.
Next Steps
Thanks for completing the Student Life Leadership Development Grant form. Before you submit, please review your application to make sure you've included all of the required information. Here's what happens next:

Your SLDG request will be reviewed by Barnard Student Life. If your request is granted a staff member will connect with you about next steps, the financial contribution transfer procedure and travel waivers.

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