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#RomanceClass is a community of Filipino authors of romance in English + the readers of the books + the artists who help us make and promote the books. We started in 2013, and have since helped over 80 Filipino authors write and publish over 100 contemporary romance books.

I am opening a new class in 2019! It will run from September 1 to November 30. Participants will be asked to write:

Contemporary Romance in English
With Filipino main characters
Prioritizing agency, consent, with HEA/HFN
YA or NA or Adult category
30,000 words minimum
+ a specific challenge based on the theme of the class (to be announced)

By November 30, if you complete all assignments, you should have a draft of a manuscript. #RomanceClass books that have been published are listed here: romanceclassbooks.com.

This class has been organized to sponsor a #romanceclass app project. Participants of the class will be the first to get details and demos! And whatever else we can provide. As such:

- A purchase of the #romanceclass textbook is required to join the class. Get it here: gum.co/romanceclass
- If you've purchased the textbook before, the fee to join the class is 3 "coffees" at ko-fi.com/minavesguerra

Some things to note before signing up:
- Lessons are sent through email. Please sign up using an email address you check often.
- This is not a grammar class. I will not be correcting your grammar, or give lessons on grammar or mechanics.
- This is not an intro to romance. You should be a romance reader already!
- I encourage reading my books and/or books by romanceclass authors before the class starts. This will be your writing and reading community, and knowing the books and reader reactions to them will help guide you as you write your own book.
- Signing up here doesn't mean you're officially in the class. You can sign up and ask questions, and you can still withdraw if you feel this isn't for you. I also reserve the right to remove participants from the class (and refund any donations or payments made).

OK? Let's go!

Mina V. Esguerra

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