2018 Volunteer Hours Reporting
The form is broken up into sections to accommodate the various programs under the Tree Care Advocate umbrella. Below is a list of all sections with some details in the order in which they will appear. If you have not completed volunteer hours for one of the sections, you can simply check the 'No' box and it will automatically move you to the next section.

The three "Volunteer Hours" sections are meant for anyone reporting just volunteer hours and some subsequent details. If you are reporting on data collection details, you may skip these sections and move right to the specific activity data collection forms.

-Volunteer Hours - Outreach (teaching, answering questions, preparing booths for tabling events, etc.)
-Volunteer Hours - Community Activities (hands-on tree work like pruning, planting, watering, mulching, etc.)
-Volunteer Hours - Community Engagement (sitting on a tree board, writing articles, planning events, etc.)
-Citizen Pruner Pruning Data (only complete this section if you are sharing the data collected at pruning events)
-Tree Health Monitoring (only complete this section if you are a Tree Steward that spent time walking your community to monitor the health of trees and potentially fixed or reported issues to your community staff)
-Citizen Watering (only complete this section if you are a Tree Steward that spent time watering trees in your community)

In each section, you will find a list of which programs can report volunteer hours for the activity listed.

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