LibreOffice/ODF 亞洲區研討會:政府日活動註冊表單 / LibreOffice Asia Conference 2024: Government Day Registration Form
LibreOffice/ODF 亞洲區研討會將在 2024/8/2~2024/8/3 舉行。第一天 8/2 為「政府日」,我們將在資策會科技服務大樓與國內外社群與政府單位同仁們一起討論ODF政策與相關的公共程式政策,為什麼要推動、如何執行、國內外推動經驗等等議題。本次活動並備有紀念品、茶點與午餐。歡迎關心ODF與公共程式政策的朋友一起前來參加。活動相關資訊請參考  有任何問題歡迎來信service@slat.org或電洽02-55933701軟體自由協會。

LibreOffice Asia Conference 2024 will be held on Aug. 2-3, 2024. The first day is "Government Day". We'll discuss the ODF and Public Money Public Code policies: Why we should promote it, how to do it, and experiences sharing among different countries. For activity details please visit: If you have any question feel free to contact
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