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After you fill in the application and click the blue submit button at the bottom, I’ll be in touch with you over email to set up a call. Please fill in as much detail as possible. You must be over 18 to be considered.
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Why are you now looking for help with women? (Hiring a coach to carry you the entire way is not how you get results. You must be willing to take the guidance and take action, and then you will get incredible results with women.) *
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What would ideal success look like for you as we work together over the next 4-12 weeks? (What’s your vision about what’s possible for you?) *
Complete the following sentence. To be honest, Tripp, I am a(n)... (Remember, in order to make this program work for you, you must be a man who takes action. Women find men of action very desirable (and they find passive men repulsive). Which one are you committed to being?) *
Which best describes you? (We’re looking for men who recognize how important this is, and focus on the results they want rather than worrying about a temporary expense that gets them what they truly want.) *
If you are selected for The Tripp Advice Coaching Program, how soon can we get you enrolled? (We've noticed that the people that can DECIDE and ACT immediately are the ones that get the most results. Results do not come from reading e-books or discussion forums. Results come from working with a trusted coach who can see your deep patterns and help you get unstuck over time.) *
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