Fonzo Fest! Event & Hunt - Dec 12 - 26

Purple Sloth Productions (PSP) presents its first annual FONZO FEST!
This is the last of our 3 BIG events in the year.

◘There are lots of parts to Fonzo Fest! You can participate in one, all, or any number in between.

Fonzo Fest (hunt and event) - Winter, any holiday that falls in this time of year, snow, joy, toys, gifts, family, friends, anything that reminds you of this time of year
•This is a themed event/Hunt and the theme MUST be followed
•PLEASE note you may NOT use copyright materials, this is against LL TOS AND the law. Anyone doing this will be permanently banned from participating in PSP events. If you have questions on your item/s please ask BEFORE you set up.

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•Application Deadline: December 4
•Final Package sent: On or before December 6
•Set up Begins: December 8
•You must be set up by December 10
•Walk-through of event area: December 10 & 11
•Event Starts: December 12
•Event Ends: December 31 @ 11:59pm

Please apply to this event/hunt only if you are able to commit to the timeline. Anyone who is not set up by the required time will be removed from the Event / Hunt.

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•This event and hunt are rated: FAMILY FRIENDLY - No adult-themed items allowed including, but not limited to, clothing, furniture, poses, imagery, themes, etc (items do NOT need to be for children, but they can be!)
•All types of original items are welcome (clothing, poses, decor, furniture, gestures, etc)
•Items must be a true representation of the item/s and quality of those in your store
• Template items are welcome but please follow the creators TOS and make changes to the items so they are your own creations (i.e. do not sell them with the textures from the creator)

•You do NOT have to have an in-world location to participate in this event
•You must have at least an in-world store OR a Marketplace store to participate
•You MUST hang up the Event Poster once it is received if you have an in-world location
•You must join ONE group (* Purple Sloth Productions * Vendor) and check it regularly - please ensure you have a group space open

•All LL TOS must be followed for your item/s and store - - If they are not, you will be removed from this event and not accepted to future events. No exceptions (Please remember this includes the use of Copyright materials)
•All Purple Sloth Production Guidelines/Rules must be followed.- If they are not, you will be removed from this event and not accepted to future events. No exceptions

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◘○12 Sponsor Spots Available○ ◘
For this event, Sponsors will be asked to provide a gift/s valued at 100L$ or more for the advent calendar for the '12 days' from December 14-25. These days will be assigned. Participation in this part of the fest is totally optional however sponsors who do participate will not have to pay a Sponsorship Fee!
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♦This is an event and hunt combo. Each part is optional and you will be asked below which part/s you are participating in. Please only sign up for the portions you are interested in and ensure you read through each description before you sign up.

*HUNT - This runs like our regular hunts and is held at your own store (or Alfonzo Isle for those who need a space to participate). Hunt items will be priced at 1L$.

*GACHA MARKET - In order to participate, you must provide at least ONE new GACHA. It needs only be exclusive to this event during its run time but then you are free to do as you please (of course!). Everything must be priced at 25L$ or below. This will be held on Alfonzo Isle. You may have up to 3 machines (the other 2 may be previous releases if you wish)

*BAZAR - Small stalls with 15 Prims for non-sponsors and 30 prims for Sponsors. These can house anything you would like that fits with the theme named above, new or old.

*TREASURE HUNT - a mini-hunt on Alfonzo isle for anyone who wants to participate. You will be given special instructions on where to place a hunt item on Alfonzo Isle and we take care of the rest! This is open to anyone, not just sponsors, and will be free to treasure hunters!

*DONATIONS - no copy, yes transfer items (i.e. gachas & gift cards) from your store! We pass things out at our parties and throughout the event randomly on Alfonzo. It's an inexpensive way to advertise and you know you're hitting your target audience!

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You may contact either PSP owner in-world

ɴιĸĸι ᴋυro (nio123) - Prefers notecards
Beyonkah Sonnenschein Reina (beyonkah) - Prefers IMs

Or you may drop a Notecard in the mailbox on the desk at PSP Headquarters located here:

◘If your store/s are accepted you will be contacted in-world by December 5. Please be sure you have the one group space available (* Purple Sloth Productions * Vendor) and that you check the notices right away for any information you need◘


There are 12 TOTAL Sponsor spots available for this event.

**This event/hunt is a little different! If sponsors provide an advent gift as described above, they will NOT have to pay a sponsor fee for this round.**

Sponsorship costs 150L$ and 100% of the profits go to the keep PSP running. Our main focus is to provide information to one another and share our experiences in a manner that fosters friendship and an educational atmosphere. We use PSP to give artists and creators experience and support of participating in hunts and events in a low-stress environment. Our focus truly is on education. With that being said, we also love to give our participants the chance to work alongside some of their favorite creators so we invite everyone with this similar attitude and energy to join in!

**Sponsor Benefits**
•Sponsors have the option of providing an advent gift
•Sponsors will have their logos displayed on the PSP website
•Sponsors will have their logos displayed at the PSP Headquarters
•Sponsors will have their logos added to the final hunt poster
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Which spot would you like as your first choice? *
If your first choice is not available, would you be interested in the other? *
If you are interested in being a sponsor, and you are chosen, would you provide an ADVENT GIFT or pay the 150L$ FEE? (This does not alter your chances in anyway) *
Do you understand that by submitting this application, you are agreeing to follow the timeline and all guidelines set forth above? *
I AGREE to follow ALL the guidelines and rules outlined by the PSP team through out this event. (Just being extra sure!) *
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