Say Yes: YxYY Storytelling 2017
We'll be doing a storytelling session, old school radio style. Here's the skinny:
- max 8-minute true stories, shorter is fine
- no notes or memorization
- the stories must be true and must be your story
- you have to tell your story once (on audio recording or to me in person) before performing
- it is a Real Show - quality and performance are important
- we choose no more than 8 to be told
- broad theme of 'Saying Yes'
- feel free to Say Yes to not having a theme and just telling a good story

Feel free to sign up, put TBD for everything, and figure it out later. Say yes. :)

If you need some tips:
- Moth Storytelling Tips:

Listen to stories:
- Porchlight Podcast:
- Moth Podcast:

- Becca Marshall / email:

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