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Our preferred way for you to contact us is via this form. We know a form isn't the warmest, but this helps us manage the inflow of messages, and you can remain anonymous if you choose to be. Alternatively, if filling out a form feels aversive to you, you can email the team at with the same information (feel free to use this template if you find getting started tricky).

You might contact us because you want to…

  • Talk through a difficult personal or interpersonal issue
  • Ask for advice about an upcoming decision or project with significant potential downside risks e.g. embarking on an ambitious project in a new field
  • Notify us of a concern about trends within the effective altruism (or an associated) community
  • Report something you experienced in the EA community which made you feel uncomfortable in any way
  • Let us know if you suspect someone has engaged in behavior that’s likely to cause harm (harassment, mean behavior, dishonesty, etc.)
  • Ask us to pass on feedback to an organization or organization leader on your behalf
  • Give us feedback! We’re always looking to improve, and feedback enables us to notice what’s off

If you'd like to protect your anonymity, we encourage you to make a burner email address for the purposes of filling out this form. In addition, we may be able to facilitate an anonymous, real-time conversation with you e.g. through Google Chat with your burner email address. 

NB: We are no longer responsible for advising community members on media inquiries. Please contact with any media-related questions or updates.

Depending on the volume of messages we receive, we may not be able to respond in depth to or arrange a call with everyone. In that situation, we will prioritize:

  • Firstly, responding to things which appear most important and urgent
  • Secondly, responding to people who haven't previously contacted us, or who have less access to alternative resources
Reading the above, we worry that some people might choose not to contact us, believing that their message is not worth our time. If you’re thinking this, please do get in touch and let us triage amongst ourselves. We find that people often downweigh their own experiences. We may have additional context that leads us to determine your message to be more (or less) pressing than you thought. And even if we don't have time for an in-depth discussion with you, any information you can give us is highly valuable data that can help us to spot patterns in the community.

People often have different goals when they contact us. You might get in touch because you want to have someone hear you out and listen to your story. Or, you might just want to pass on some information for us to take or leave as we see fit.


Your message will be visible only to:

  • Julia Wise, Community Liaison
  • Catherine Low, Community Liaison
  • Charlotte Darnell, Community Liaison
  • Eve McCormick, Project Manager and Senior Assistant

(Please note that messages submitted before May 17 2023 were also visible to Anu Oak and messages submitted before March 29 2023 were also visible to:
  • Nicole Ross, Head of Community Health
  • Eve McCormick, Project Manager & Senior Assistant
  • Chana Messinger, Community Health Analyst and Interim Head of Community Health
  • Fynn Heide, Affiliate)

If you have questions about how we’ll handle confidentiality, we’re happy to discuss that at the start of our conversation. Different team members have different policies, because they handle different kinds of cases. If you start talking with a member of our team and they can’t promise the level of confidentiality you want, we can refer you to a different team member who will be able to keep to a stricter confidentiality policy. 

If you would like to contact just one member of our team, you can use one of the following (these forms are anonymous by default, so please add your name and email address if you would like us to follow up with you.):

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What would you like to share with us?
If there are any particular actions that you would like us to take, please include these so we can consider them.
How would you like us to follow up with you about this, if at all?
You can request how you'd like us to respond and we'll see what's possible.
How urgent is this concern?
Not urgent at all
I would like an action to be taken within a few days
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If possible, please explain why this concern is more or less urgent for you. 
How confidential would you like us to keep this?
E.g. Could we share a full version of this with people we think it could help or who need to make a decision where we think this info could inform them? Could we share an anonymised version with individuals in a similar situation? Would you like us to follow up with anyone else involved?

This is most important if you’re contacting us anonymously if you’d like to talk further with one of us, we can work this out later.
Have you already spoken to someone at the Centre for Effective Altruism about this?
Is there a staff member you’d prefer to speak with if possible?
We may recommend you speak to someone else, depending on that person's availability.
(Optional) Name
(Optional) Email
(Optional) If you're filling out this form anonymously, you're welcome to give yourself a number or pseudonym here that you can also use for reporting future concerns.
This would allow us to track which concerns are coming from the same person without breaking their anonymity, and might be useful for you if you think you could end up reporting multiple concerns of a similar nature.
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