WLHCA OWL Observations
WLHCA is pleased to announce the 'Observers of Wollaston Lake' (OWL) program and the WLHCA Executive is asking for your participation.

As you enjoy your time at the cottage, please take note of environmental conditions on Wollaston Lake or on shore around the lake. Then using the form on the right, record your observations and submit them to us as you see them.

If you wish, you can collect them during the spring/summer/fall and send them to us all at once by the end of October.

How will this information be used?

This information from all OWL submission will be summarized and compiled into an environmental “scorecard” to be published on the WLHCA web site, which is intended to be a summary of the environmental “state of the lake” in any given year. The scorecard will also summarize our water sampling data as well as other relevant environmental data. The association will try to include all relevant observations, but reserves the right to edit and/or exclude any submitted information that appears frivolous or irrelevant, or that contains inappropriate, accusatory or personal language.

Your name, contact details and address are used only (a) if we need to contact you to clarify your observations and (b) to identify where on the lake you are located. None of this personal information will be made public in the “scorecard.” Your location will be identified only generally (e.g. “Kendon Bay”).

Thanks for your participation!
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