How Is Coronavirus Impacting Your Cancer Treatment?
The Coronavirus is keeping cancer patients from getting the treatment they desperately need. Now more than ever we need to advocate for patients and help people fight cancer.

Answer these five quick questions to help us better advocate for you!

Once you complete the survey visit our new portal, Fight Corona AND Cancer, to stay informed! We're keeping the community up-to-date with research findings, patient stories, guidelines, information on suspended cancer clinical trials, and more:
Are you currently being treated for cancer? *
Has your treatment or tests been postponed?
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If yes, what treatment or test was postponed?
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If applicable, how long has your treatment been disrupted/delayed? (i.e. surgery has been delayed three weeks)
If a clinical trial was suggested to you as a treatment option today would you be willing to participate? *
Are you receiving guidance on COVID-19 from your HCP regarding your cancer treatment? *
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