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Everyone reacts to stress in their own way, so there is no one stress survey that can give a complete assessment of stress levels. This stress survey is only intended to help with a basic overview.  See a medical doctor for an in depth physical and mental health analysis. This information is confidential. In appreciation for your participation, I will be sending you a no cost stress management pack. Thank You!  -  Scott Lea https://AntiStressCenter.Com 

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It seems there are just not enough hours in the day to do all the things that I must do *
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I underestimate how long it takes to do things *
I frequently feel guilty if I relax and do nothing *
I find myself thinking about problems even when I am supposed to be relaxing or sleeping *
I don't get enough restful sleep *
I feel fatigued or tired even when I wake after an adequate sleep *
I have a tendency to eat, talk, walk and drive quickly *
I often feel irritated, frustrated or angry if I have to wait on lines or in traffic *
I often have difficulty communicating how I really feel. *
I find myself grinding my teeth, clenching my jaw, or tightening my muscles. *
How much of your time do you feel you are making progress towards accomplishing your personal goals? *
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Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.  I will be sending your Free Stress Management Pack along with some helpful stress reduction recommendations based on your answers.  Always talk to your doctor about how you are feeling, physically, mentally AND emotionally.                                     - Sincerely, Scott Lea, CH.t.
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