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Aloha, and thank you for your interest in Mother + Crone Doula Collective.

Mother + Crone Doula Collective (MCDC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and respite for mothers without sufficient access to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum services. Our primary goal is to reduce the burden of raising a family for those who struggle to meet basic needs, in turn enabling the success of our families and our community.

MCDC seeks to provide a holistically supportive and empowering homebase for women and mothers which helps to duplicate the role of the Wise Woman in traditional cultures. The core of our activities is the modern provision of the healing house of the old crone, the sister circle, and when necessary responding to the absence of our own sisters, mothers, and grandmothers, is at the core of MCDC’s activities. When strong female pillars of the community are lost through time, culture, space, conflict, or death, moving through the rites of womanhood - including pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood - can be emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually exhausting.

MCDC operates as a doula collective, providing birth and postpartum care in house, home, and hospital. We provide drop-in services, such as short-term child care, laundry, snacks, and showers. We provide a quiet space for meditation, yoga, and ritual, and an herbal apothecary for healing and nourishment. We have a classroom setting for woman-centered education and sister circles, as well as studio rental for local counselors, healers, body and birth workers. MCDC also provides advocacy and resources, such as referrals, consultations, and an educational lending library.
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