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Per the Quincy Music Theatre bylaws, various committees serve in an advisory role to the QMT Board and the Managing Director. Each committee is chaired by a board person and is comprised of other board members, theatre staff, and interested community members. We thank you for submitting your interest in serving on a committee and will forward your request to the appropriate committee chair based on the indications you made below. For more information on each committee, please see the descriptions below:

The Production Committee provides production support to the Managing Director and to individual shows. This support may include procuring directors, musicians, props, set personnel, technical personnel, or other similar services. The Production Committee will also advise the Managing Director in setting appropriate policy and procedure in relation to the production process, including setting expectations for all individuals involved in a production.

The Reading Subcommittee, under the Production Committee, is responsible for reviewing various musical or theatrical shows and for making recommendations to the Board of Directors for each season's performances.

The Costumes and Props Subcommittee, under the Production Committee, is responsible for establishing policies and procedures regarding responsible care and use of the costume, hats, and other accoutrement owned by the Theatre or borrowed from other theatres or individuals.

The Membership and Volunteer Committee provides oversight of volunteer recruitment, selects individuals for various volunteer-based roles at the Theatre, including interns, light and sound operators, and house management, and sets policies and procedures regarding volunteers. Additionally, this committee is responsible for recruitment and retainment of Angels, including developing fundraising strategies for the Theatre and advising the Managing Director on any government or charitable foundation grants which may be available to enhance the operations and activities of the Theatre.

The Decorations Subcommittee, reporting to the Membership and Volunteer Committee, is responsible for lobby and theatre decorations during each production, including planning, creating, setting up, and taking down said decorations.

The Operations Committee is responsible for establishing policies and procedures regarding Human Relations, advising the Managing Director on Theatre business, and managing the premises and facilities of the Theatre, including making recommendations for the improvements or repairs necessary to properly maintain the Theatre building and grounds or to upgrade Theatre facilities.

The Education Committee is responsible for advising the Education and Managing Directors on policy, procedure, and direction of the theatre's educational programming, including but not limited to setting goals and vision for the education programs and maintaining a cost-benefit analysis for the programs.

The Marketing Committee is responsible for all the public relations and advertisement of activities of the Theatre, including auditions, productions, special performances, and public events sponsored by the Theatre.

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