NudgeChallenge 2017 GreenPeace - Formulaire d'inscription / registration form
Règles du jeu / Rules :
In partnership with Greenpeace, the 2017 Nudge Challenge is a contest open to students of any discipline (from the bachelor’s degree or equivalent) – starting in the academic year of September 2017 – aiming to develop ideas of Nudge encouraging a responsible food consumption.

First, it is important to start from existing issues, before bringing relevant solutions through Nudges.
Here are some examples:
- How to encourage the reduction of meat consumption?
- How to encourage a reduced consumption of dairy products and eggs?
- How to encourage a higher consumption of dried vegetables?
- How to promote the purchase of local and organic products over imported ones?
- How to promote the purchase of seasonal fruits and vegetables?
- How to improve the way we buy and consume fish?

How to participate?
Build your teams: We advise you to make teams of about 6 to be more efficient.
Choose the challenge your team wants to focus on
Make a video of about 3 minutes (in English or any other languages including English subtitles) to present:
- the challenge,
- the issues relating to this challenge,
- the Nudge the team wishes to implement for a more responsible food consumption. You can choose to present us a prototype / an illustration of the nudge in your video, this would help the jury of NudgeFrance to better grasp your ideas.
- Finally, your team will present an experimentation plan which will explain how the nudge can be set up.
Inscription / registration
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Agenda of the 2017 Nudge Challenge :
- Now : registration of the participating teams via the form
- Before November 24: videos' transfers, by each participant team to NudgeFrance
- November 27 – December 5: Viewing of the videos and selection of the finalists
- December 6: Announcement and contact with the finalists
- Week 50 or 51 (to be determined): oral presentation (physical presence or videoconference) of the finalist teams in front of the final jury comprising several members of the NudgeFrance association and Greenpeace France
- End of December: announcement of the final results
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