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Dear Prospective Young At Art Museum Teen Volunteer, Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Young At Art Museum. The YAA Teen Leadership Program offers an unparalleled experience when choosing to support your community through Fine Arts and Education. Whether for a requirement, résumé builder or leisurely purposes, Young At Art Museum offers many different community service hour opportunities for all teens that meet the requirement of AT LEAST graduating 8th grade. It is important to know that the YAA Teen Leadership Program will constantly challenge and encourage our participants to learn and grow when volunteering with YAA— a true artist knows that their work is never done. Young At Art Museum is the ideal educational and artistic organization for teens to engage in and participate with their community— young adults will be presented with the opportunity to make a noticeable difference in the world around them by working with an artistically minded, individual-orientated, celebrated and approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Complete your ONLINE APPLICATION and submit it. Also makes sure you and your parents fill out and sign the APPROVAL FORMS PACKET. You will need to fill out the complete packet including social security number in order for us to register you as a YAA Volunteer to be finger printed. Hold this packet and bring it into your orientation.

After you submit your application a confirmation link will appear on your screen with a link to register for an orientation. Select an orientation date.

A parent or guardian must attend the first hour of YAA Orientation in order to schedule volunteer availability and discuss the rules, procedures and expectations when volunteering with Young At Art. A one-time $50 Orientation and Training Fee is payable by cash or card at the beginning of the YAA Orientation (this includes your Young At Art Volunteer T-shirt and name tag). The remaining time of the orientation will include a museum tour, exhibit exploration & art training session.

You are now an official Member of Young At Art Museum as a YAA Teen Volunteer and participant in our Young At Art Teen Leadership Program.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Teen Center at 954-424-5034. Thank you in advance for offering us your time and talents. We look forward to working with you!


Zack Spechler
Museum Curator & Volunteer and Teen Center Coordinator
954-424-5034 (direct)
954-591-9233 (cell)


751 SW 121stAve, Suite 1, Davie, Florida 33325

Parents and Volunteers: Read this page before YAA orientation
YAA Orientation will provide further information and training about all the different kinds of volunteer opportunities our museum has to offer. Young At Art Teen Volunteers will naturally find where they fit best…and this is useful for both YOU as a volunteer and YAA as an organization. Participating in each kind of volunteer opportunity is essential— finding where you are most comfortable and effective will take some time but it is well worth the efforts! YAA HAS 4 MAIN VOLUNTEER TEAMS THAT WORK TOGETHER IN ORDER TO DELIVER THE YAA MISSION OF,

MUSEUM EXHIBITS: The “home base” of YAA, weekday/end volunteers at the Museum will be responsible to help with a variety of tasks. Art birthday parties, tours, exhibit maintenance, prep work and additional art programming; among other duties, are a few of the most important jobs that weekend volunteers at the Museum have. Learn daily YAA operations! Museum Weekend Volunteer Characteristics: WELCOMING, PROFESSIONAL, HELPFUL & FLEXIBLE

ART INSTITUTE: The core of YAA as an organization, the opportunity to learn and teach art through practicing artists has always been our priority. Work in the YAA Art Institute alongside YAA Art Educators and be an art teacher’s assistant in classrooms during our programs of camps, classes and workshops. Interact with, learn, and teach kids through art!
Art Institute Volunteers Characteristics: DEDICATED, CREATIVE, PATIENT & MATURE

SPECIAL EVENTS: YAA hosts a variety of special events for our museum members as well as the public. Special events generally take place Friday evenings or Saturdays and will therefore include similar responsibilities to weekend volunteering at the museum…with extra added art themes, programming & fun! Schedule, prep, and attend artful Special Events!
Event Volunteer Characteristics: FOCUSED, ENERGETIC & FRIENDLY

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Part of the magic of YAA is the ability we have to share our passion for art with those outside the museum walls! YAA supports the arts by being present in the community and spreading art education to the rest of South Florida at other community events & happenings! Connect with the community & spread the YAA mission!
Community OUTreach Volunteer Characteristics: RESPONSIBLE, KNOWLEDGABLE & PUNCTUAL

Much of volunteering with YAA is making personal connections with people through art. Whether or not you are a practiced artist does not matter— Young At Art Museum celebrates the skills and personalities of all our volunteers and each is just as important as the other. It is important to remember to be flexible, open to learning and trying new things, as well as figuring out where you feel most confident when volunteering with Young At Art Museum to set yourself up for volunteering and hands-on learning success!

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If you could continue your studies on any subject after high school, what would it be and why?
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What would you like to learn during your time volunteering with Young At Art Museum and why?
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When do you think you would like to volunteer? You can check more than one box.
On a scale of 1-5 how much would you enjoy the following activities, 1 meaning you would not like it at all and 5 meaning you would love to do it?
Helping an art teacher during art classes for kids age 5-10
Assisting a professional artist in making and/or installing art in an exhibition at the museum
Cutting materials or preparing materials while listening to music
Working in the museum exhibits and helping the public make art/interact with the public
Working at events outside the museum that you would have to drive or get a ride to
Working at events inside the museum
Working in an areas that you get to use artistic abilities and creativity
Working on computer, websites, and other tech stuff
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