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Fill in the information for applying as participants of the course "Don't WASTE your TIME!", with lectures at Sapienza, University of Rome for the days 1-9 of October.
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Course explanation
The course will have lessons for a total duration of 26 hours and it will be taught entirely in english.
The main purpose of the topic is to have a clear understanding of the world of economic management and engineering processes of the cycle and re-use of waste materials, in particular:
-Introduction about environmental politics in the European Union and overview about the european regulations about waste.
-Presentation of data about the management of waste at European level
-History about evolution in recovering and recycling of the waste.
-Introduction to the Economic Dimension of Environmental Issues
-Company visit in ENEA: Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
-Visit in Sapienza laboratories
-Integrated waste management (principles and directives)
-Environmental and technological aspects of waste management (re-use, recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal):
-Biodegradable organic waste;
-Urban mining - microplastics;
-Waste selection technologies;
-Energy recovery of waste.
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