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Today, there are over 5 billion people - that is 73% of the world - who make a living on less that $10 a day, with limited access to sanitation, education, information and technology. They live with the continuous risk of succumbing to disease, war and natural disasters. At the same time, it is no secret that the planet is warming, pollution levels are rising and our oceans and forests are suffering. Certain innovators have chosen to use their time and skills to address these issues. We call them Sustainable Innovators. They seek to provide solutions for people and planet using business models that are also sustainable.

Our goal is to promote the Sustainable Innovators whose projects are addressing Water, Food, Habitat, Health, Education, Art, Energy or Environment balance. Join the team and you will be promoting Good around the world.

The opportunity:
● Promote Sustainable Innovators to our communities of 340,000+
● Publish your stories on our online magazine - GoodPowWow.
● Opportunities to work with the GoodFestival team.
● Free tickets for GoodFestival Core and GoodFestival Open.
● Free GoodFestival T-shirts & Hoodies.
● Solid experience for your resume.

Application Process:
● Fill out this Application Form
● Respond to some questions sent to you by one of the GoodFestival Team members
● We will interview you over coffee or by phone.
● Once all is good, you will work with the Core Team members to scout & promote Innovators.

Our Backstory: GoodFestival is the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Writers, Filmmakers and other practitioners; the “doers” who are building a better world. GoodFestival brings together innovators from different industries, backgrounds, skills, and experiences. It does not matter whether their business model is for-profit or nonprofit; whether they are established or a startup; or an artist or a business person or both. The only thing that matters is that their project, product or service is focused on building a better world. We connect the innovators building a better world with Fans, Funds and Fame (for free). GoodFestival is an initiative of Majamba SARL of Switzerland. Majamba has received support from IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, Paypal Blueprint Program, Softlayer Catalyst Program and Gebert Rüf Stiftung. Majamba has also received support from 7 different agencies and departments of the City, State and Federal Government in Switzerland including City of Lausanne and the State of Vaud. Lufthansa is our global mobility partner.

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