Minecraft build highlights
This form is for sending us coordinates of your Minecraft server builds for us to feature in posts! All you need to do is toss us a general location of where your stuff is, tell us about it, and we'll come by and take some pretty pictures to share with everyone! You can view more details here: https://www.scg.wtf/jb/d/7014-show-off-your-builds-in-our-highlight-posts-submissions-always

Our feature posts will not be consistent, and will be posted based on the volume of replies we get! We are ALWAYS taking submissions, there is no rush, and no time limit, and you can feature as many things as you'd like!
What is your Minecraft username? *
Where are the general coordinates of your build? (You can use F3 while in game to open the debug menu where these are listed!) *
Want to tell us anything about this build for us to share with others? The local lore, who lives with you and so on~
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