Venture L Accelerator Application
We're excited to see your app!

We use apps to make sure we're the right for you and that you're the right fit for the cohort.

Each cohort is different. We personally make sure each cohort has 15 people that can collaborate on day one.

What do we look for?

We want to make sure you're ambitious as hell but not stuck in your ways. We expect you to be committed to freelancing full time, have tangible prior experience (or proof of hustling to create this experience).

The Accelerator is a labor of love for us. While you could spend up to $2k on bootcamps with similar content, we believe the power of accelerating your journey is NOT 'secret' info, but the right questions to ask yourself, the time to explore these questions, and a meaningful network of freelancers to share the experience with.

What do we get from this?

1: Selfishly, we need to make sure the Venture L community and clients trust the caliber of freelancers. Instead of sticking to just 'the elite', we want everyone to have access to our software and community, but need to ensure you're up to the challenge.

2: Odds are you'll use our software to grow your business, and we consider this a marketing cost.

We can't wait to see your app :)
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