Workshop/Meeting Proposal for SCBWI SF/South Meetings
Presenter Requirements for Authors/Illustrators

SCBWI PAL member status is NOT required, but PAL members are given preference. Publication history is required for craft-oriented proposals (Please list all publications). Prior speaking experience is preferred.

We welcome fresh, compelling ideas for our meetings. Here are some suggested topics:
ILLUSTRATION - Cartoon Drawing, Animation Drawing for Picture Books, Writing for 0 - 5 yrs: Board books, Activity Books and PB, Creating the Ultimate Portfolio
WRITING - Editing and Revision Skills, Doing Dialogue, Query Letters, Synopsis Writing, Social Media for Indies, Self Publishing trends, Book Store Owner Buying Trends, Story Structure, Plotting, About the Financial Issues for Writers/Illustrators, Agent Divorce and New Agent, Legal Issues for Writers/Illustrators, Rhyme that Works, How to Get Published, Using Save the Cat, Marketing for the Debut Author/Illustrator

Meetings/workshops are held 1-2 times a year in a variety of locations in our region (San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay, Santa Cruz, Carmel area). Most of the time, they are held at independent bookstores. Each meeting is typically 2 hours in length with a professional presentation for about 45 minutes to an hour including Q & A. When possible, the speaker will also have the opportunity to sell and sign books. Should a bookstore liaison be interested in your program proposal, they will contact you directly. We pay a $50 Honorarium.

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