Global Engineering Week - Curriculum Development Team
Thanks for your interest in GE Week, a social impact and education non-profit startup that is working with universities across Canada to expose students to multidisciplinary thinking and global problem solving.

We organize a week-long initiative in March that engages students through case studies in courses, a speaker series, hackathon, and student-run events. Our mission is to emphasize the socio-economic, political, cultural and technical considerations of global problems to engineer sustainable and innovative solutions.

GE Week has been officially endorsed by and partnered with the Deans office at U of T; it impacted over 3,000 students in 2018 and will aim to impact over 10,000 students across Canada in 2019.

The role of the curriculum team includes:
- Engage and meet with professors and establish a course partnership with GE Week
- Develop course content by collaborating with the professor and conduct research on global engineering case studies
- Finalize and help integrate course content into the curricula

Benefits of joining the team:
- Great opportunity to connect with your professors
- Develop your skills in conducting global engineering research
- Work with professors to enrich the UofT engineering curriculum and directly impact students' learning experience

We are looking for individuals with flexible hours and are available to meet with professors once every couple weeks, either in person or virtually, as well as with the national GE Week team weekly on weekends. We prefer students who have outreach experience, strong communication skills, and attention for detail.

GE Week Curriculum Slide Deck:
GE Week Website:

If you want to learn more about any other GE Week initiatives or questions in general, send an email to!

Apply by October 1st!

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