NTU CSIE 無線網路問題回報 / NTU CSIE WIFI Issues Report
您的csie 無線網路帳號 Your csie wifi account
請寫下您連csie wifi用的帳號。 Please fill in your csie wifi account.
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您的聯絡信箱 Your email address
如有必要,我們將由此信箱回復問題的後續發展。If necessary, we will contact you through the provided email address.
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您遇到問題的區域 (務必包含樓層or教室號碼/匿稱) / Where you encountered connection issues? ( Please contain as many details as possible )
例如:102面對白板後方座位、103講台上、零度靠近門邊or靠裡面、裡新靠裡面or靠新館側。For example, near front door of Room 102 , etc.
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您遇到問題的日期 / The date you had the issue
您遇到問題的約略時間 / The approximate time
For english speakers, 上午 is am and 下午 refers to pm
請選擇所遇到的問題種類 / Please select the categories of your issue
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