सा.हा.ने अनलाईन आवेदन र मूल्यांकन २०७४ - THN Online Application and Assessment (2017)
निर्देशन: यो विस्तृत निवेदन भएको कारण यसलाई पूरा गर्न २ घण्टाको समय लिनुहोस् । यदि तपाई अंग्रेजीमा उत्तर दिनसक्नुहुन्छ भने कृपया सोही गर्नुहोस् । यदि अंग्रेजीमा उत्तर दिन सक्नुहुन्न भने yesari Roman Nepalima वा Unicode नेपालीमा उत्तर दिनसक्नु हुन्छ । यो निवेदन भर्न कसैसँग पनि सहयोग नलिनुहोस् । यदि निवेदनमा चोरी गरेको, ढाँटेको पाएमा तपाईको निवेदन खारेज गरिनेछ । साना हातहरु नेपाल (सा.हा.ने.) प्रति देखाउनु भएको चासोको लागि धन्यवाद र यस प्रक्रियामा राम्रो गर्नुहोस् भन्ने हाम्रो शुभकामना !

साना हातहरू नेपालमा अहिले निम्न पदहरूमा आवेदन खुलेका छन्ः

1. महिला सशक्तिकरण गृह अविभावक (Women's Empowerment Home Parent) - Tiny Hands Nepal is seeking a mature, competent, and faithful Nepali woman who can live and work in a empowerment home operated in Kathmandu. The ideal candidate is a woman who can mentor teenage girls and young women according to our empowerment plan & policies. This woman would be expected to live in the empowerment home to help care for the girls staying at the home. Good English skills is preferred, but not required.

2. गाउँ विकास संयोजक (Village Development Coordinator) - Tiny Hands Nepal is seeking a mature, competent, and faithful Nepali with strong leadership skills for the position of Village Development Coordinator. The position will involve assessing the needs of communities, partnering with locals from the community, coordinating local village meetings, and implementing village development and empowerment plan. Good English skills and at least working on a bachelor's degree in a related field are required. Experience in village development is preferred but not necessary. Must be willing to frequently travel to project locations. A minimum commitment of 2 years is required.

3. सीमा निग्रानी कार्यक्रम व्यवस्थापक (Border Monitoring Project Manager) - We are seeking a Project Manager to oversee our several Border Monitoring Stations which work to stop human trafficking throughout Nepal. Candidates should be excellent communicators in English and Nepali, have at least 10 years experience in ministry or NGO leadership, and be willing to travel throughout Nepal.

4. After School Tuition Teacher - Tiny Hands is seeking a highly qualified tuition teacher to do one-on-one academic interventions at various. Children’s Homes in Kathmandu during after school hours. Candidate should be open to learning new teaching styles and should be able to help students learn in a way that works for them. The academic focus will be math and reading with students of a variety of proficiency levels. Proficiency in Nepali and English is required, as the lessons are written in English and many of the students speak Nepali. Work hours will be Monday through Friday after school (around 4pm) until 6:00pm. STARTING SALARY: Rs. 6,000/-

5. बाल गृह अविभावकहरू (Children Homes Parents) - इच्छुक व्यक्तिहरुले कृष श्रेष्ठलाई कार्यालय समयमा (सोमवार-शुक्रवार, ९-५) सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस् । बाल गृह अविभावकको लागि मात्रै । अन्य जानकारीको लागि कृपया सम्पर्क नगर्नुहोला । फोनः ०१-६२०१७३३, इमेलः chris@tinyhands.org

6. Monitoring & Activities Coordinator - The main objective of this national coordinator position is to help oversee all 13 of our children’s homes located in Kathmandu (5), Pokhara (6), and Chitwan (2). Some of the activities that the Monitoring & Activities Coordinator is responsible for are as follows: visiting homes and building strong relationships with our children, participating in our annual Delightful Camp of Wonders, performing “spot checks” within our homes to ensure policy compliance, supervising quarterly games and activities with the children within our homes, etc. Must be a Nepali woman. Must have a strong passion towards children; basic computer skills; conversational English competence; a willingness to travel; and the ability to work with a team. Must be able to work at the Tiny Hands Nepal National Office located in Tahachal Bagaicha, Kathmandu and complete a regular 40-hour work week. A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred but isn’t mandatory. The salary for this specific position is negotiable.

7. Legal Case Coordinator - Tiny Hands is seeking a Case Coordinator to oversee the legal work of our border monitoring stations, including the filing of FIRs, and hiring of local legal council, and the reporting on casework for the organization. Candidate should be a mature, responsible Nepali with NGO or organizational experience. English is preferred, and legal or paralegal experience is preferred but not necessary. Current law students are ideal candidates. Must be willing to travel throughout Nepal. STARTING SALARY: 20,000 +

8. Victim Advocate - We are seeking a mature woman to provide support and resources to victims of trafficking. This position will assist the legal advocacy and investigations teams by collecting information about the case, accused trafficker and other important information necessary to assist in the prosecution of traffickers, and work with local agencies to help provide services to victims. She should be compassionate, gentle, and have excellent communication skills in Nepali. The starting salary for this position depends on experience.

9, Data Entry Specialist - Tiny Hands is seeking a competent, detail oriented Nepali with strong computer skills for the position of Data Entry Specialist. Eligible candidates should be highly self-motivated and be able to type in English at a minimum of 30 adjusted words per minute. Proficiency in Nepali and English are required, and Hindi and Bangla are preferred. Daily tasks will include translating and entering forms into a database, making phone calls to clarify information and ensuring quality control. The starting salary for this position depends on experience.

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