2020 CT Woman & Child Specialist Clinic Customer Feedback Survey 顾客反馈调查
Good day to you~ we are from CT WOMAN AND CHILD SPECIALIST CLINIC and we would like to conduct a survey on our staff’s performance for the year 2020. We would appreciate if you could select three of your favorite staff (You only need to assess the staffs that you have encountered).您好,我们是张陈妇科及小儿科专科诊所的成员。为了向您提供更好的服务品质,我们正在进行一项关于2020年度本诊所员工服务满意度的调查,想邀请您用几分钟时间帮忙填答这份问卷,为此我们向您表示衷心的感谢!请选出三位您喜爱的员工(仅针对您所认识的员工)。
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