Foster Home for Tracy Area Animal Rescue Application
Our application process includes vet references for animals you have owned. Please make sure your animals are current on vaccinations and are spayed/neutered prior to applying for an animal. (Unless there is a medical reason or age issue for the spay/neuter procedure)

Please complete the following application. Once received, the application will be checked, and you will be notified of an approval status. Please feel free to check-in on status of your application at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this application please include them at the bottom of the application.

As a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, the Tracy Area Animal Rescue (TAAR) has assumed responsibility for the welfare of every animal that enters our rescue. Our purpose is to place each animal in a responsible home where it will receive veterinary care when needed and where it will be controlled so as not to become a free-roaming animal or add to the surplus of animals already in the area.

To ensure these ends, we have formulated this application to assist our TAAR members in the careful selection of foster home placements for our adoptable pets. Only those persons who are adults (18 or older) and who obtain satisfactory application approval from TAAR members will be eligible to foster a pet from this rescue.

Additional information other than this application may be required on an individual basis.

Email address *
Email Address *
What is your name? *
Please list names of all adults living in home *
Address *
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Phone Number *
Occupation *
Date of birth *
Name and phone number of your current veterinarian AND any veterinarians you have used in the past: *
Who will be in contact with your foster pet? *
Do you have children? *
Ages of children *
Do you have pets? *
If so, what kind? *
What other animals have you owned and where are they now? *
Are pets in your care up-to-date on all vaccines? (For dogs: DHPP/Rabies/Bordetella For Cats: Feline Leukemia tested, Distemper/Feline Leukemia/Rabies) *
Please list NAMES of current/pets within last 10 years and their medical history (include if they are spayed/neutered, UTD on vaccines, Heartworm prevention, Flea prevention, any medical care they’ve needed): *
Are your pets up to date with receiving preventative for fleas/tick? *
Who will provide care for the foster pet? *
How will you introduce the foster animal to your pets? *
Where will the foster pet sleep? *
Do you have a yard? *
If yes, is your yard fenced? *
If no fenced yard, how do you plan on taking dog out for potty breaks? *
How do you plan to exercise a dog? *
Where will the foster animal be kept when you are away? *
How long will your pet be alone during the day (while you're at work/errands/school/etc) *
Do you have any dates coming up that you will be unable to care for a foster animals and would need us to arrange alternate care? *
Why do you want to foster for TAAR? *
Do you consent to a home visit before an animal is placed in your care? *
What type of animal are you willing to foster: *
What type of personality does your current pet have? (so we know what type of foster animal will work in your home) *
What supplies would you need for fostering? *
Will you be able to get a foster animal to the vet if needed and for scheduled surgeries? (We will work with your schedule on this) *
What issues are you willing to work? *
Do you rent or own your home? If you rent, what is landlord's phone number to confirm permission? *
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