2018-19 JA BizTown Pre-Program Student Survey
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What are the first three letters of your FIRST NAME? (For example, if your name is Gavin, you would enter GAV) *
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When were you born? *
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NOT INCLUDING THE JA BIZTOWN CLASSES, how many times have you participated in a Junior Achievement class in the past? *
Which description best describes the circular flow of an economy? *
Who pays for public goods and services? *
Taxes are: *
Which two of the following examples are financial institutions? *
The amount left over from your paycheck after taxes and deductions is called your: *
Which one of the following statements is TRUE? *
Interests are things people: *
Which two skills are considered soft skills? *
Which of the following is a business expense? *
The revenue left over after paying business costs is called: *
I use a personal budget to plan how I spend money. *
I save money for the future. *
I think about financial issues in my future. *
I have set goals for my future. *
I feel in control over how my future will turn out. *
Doing well at school is important to me. *
I expect to graduate from high school. *
I plan to attend at least two years in college. *
I think I will probably graduate from college. *
I believe I can create my own future. *
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