2019 Larryville Campout Registration

Welcome to registration, potential camper!

We have a weekend of drinking, trails, food, water, and camping planned on Sept 6-8th, 2019. Never Forget..Your bug spray! You're only a quick rego away from making <Insert Your Name> great again! We all remember that one time you <Insert Bold Faced Lie>, and would miss you terribly.

In campout's past we've had neat gimmes, awesome main event trails with busses, giant Inflatable Slip N' Slides, sex in tents, sexy midnight beer miles, plentiful beer choices (Hamms), Mexican cupcakes, musical guests, volleyball, & people tearing their cars apart for no reason.

We might have some of that stuff! Or All of it! I'm not psychic... but what we will have for sure this year are PROPER bathrooms with showers facilities and some electrical hook-ups... we know, fancy AF! Larryville is cumming up in the world.

See: http://www.lh3.org/seventh-anniversary/ for proper information.

Seriously though, it's a proper good time. Traditionally, it has been Larryville's opportunity to give back to itself in celebration of it's birthday! Fill out the information below to have a good tim(e).

Kick-Starter Backer levels:
[1-5] Over-Eager Beaver Tier (55$) Complimentary Hugs [SOLD OUT]
[6-15] I Really Want to Cum Tier (60$) A-Man-Da Hug & Kiss [SOLD OUT]
[16-30] Alright I'm Cumming Tier (65$) Do you want a pat on the back? (PAY THIS AMOUNT)
[30+] Everyone Else Tier (69$) You get nothing... JK, you'll get something, calm down
Week Of - Fear of Commitment Tier (75$) Uh...You get a campout?
Email *
The plan is to provide you a safe camping experience. By registering, you acknowledge that if you get yourself in to trouble, it is your own damn fault. We aren't your parents, but organizers will be around if you need to get an issue ironed out.
Step 1) Give Us Your Information.
Hash Name *
Nerd Name *
Kennel *
Dietary Restrictions *
We will try our best to accommodate. We will be in touch if we have questions, news, or if you put something weird.
Step 2) Send 65$ Paypal to nchotstff@gmail.com
Send 65$ Paypal (Friends/Family) to nchotstff@gmail.com Seriously. just do it. I'll wait.*

*Your rego isn't official until we receive your dollars.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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