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Thank you for your interest in having your Carpentries Incubator lesson included in the monthly Incubator Lesson Spotlight series - we are delighted that you are here! Please use the form below to briefly tell us about your lesson. The answers you provide here will form the main body of a blog post that we will publish to The Carpentries community about your lesson, as well as the associated feature in the Carpentry Clippings newsletter and posts to social media.

If you would prefer to write the blog post in collaboration with other members of your lesson development team, you can email to request a copy of the post template as a Google Document you can edit together.

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What name(s) should be listed as author(s) of the Incubator Lesson Spotlight blog post? *
Please provide the GitHub username(s) of the author(s) who will review the final blog post before it is published. *
The Carpentries Team will prepare a Pull Request containing the blog post draft, and will use this information to tag the author(s) and request a review.
What is the title of your lesson? *
What is the URL of your lesson pages? *
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Who is the target audience of your lesson? (1-3 sentences) *
What are the main learning objectives of your lesson? (1-5 bullet points) *
What is the current state of your lesson's development? (1-3 sentences) *
You may find it helpful to consider your answers to the following questions: How mature is the lesson? Are the episodes all completely written? Have you taught it before? Has anyone else taught the material? Do you have instructor notes? Where does your lesson fit in the life cycle described in The Carpentries Curriculum Development Handbook? 
What kind of contributions would you like to request from The Carpentries community? (1-3 sentences) *
For example, would you like community members to: collaborate on the early stages of design and development of your lesson;  participate in an upcoming development sprint on the lesson; teach the lesson and provide feedback; (informally) review the lesson content and provide feedback; something else?
What is your preferred way for community members to contact you for further discussion of your lesson? *
For example, to an email address; via an issue on your lesson repository; on Slack (by direct message or via a channel dedicated to your lesson), etc. Please include a link to the relvant email,  lesson repository issue page, Slack channel, etc as appropriate.
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