Prayer requests
Your answers to the first five questions will be visible on a web page and made available to any member of the AJC and associated churches for prayer purposes. Your answers to the last two questions are not shown on the public page and are only available to AJC clergy for pastoral purposes.

Please use this form to request prayer assistance only after practical steps are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the person concerned.
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General Information
information in this section goes on the public prayer list.
What is the name(s) of the person or persons in need? *
PUBLIC. Just a first name is fine if that's appropriate.
Where are you? *
PUBLIC. If you're in an AJC group, please select it from the list or choose "Other" and write in your town and country.
How long do you think the help is required for?
PUBLIC. If you have an idea of how long the person's issue might continue for, please let us know, otherwise leave it blank.
Town, State and Country
PUBLIC. If you aren't in an AJC group, please let us know where you are.
General type of prayer
Confidential Information
information in this section is only shared with clergy for pastoral uses
Would you like to share any details about the issue?
CLERGY ONLY. If you want to be specific go ahead, otherwise you can leave this blank and prayer will be offered for the person's well-being in general.
Please leave your contact email so someone can check how things are going
CLERGY ONLY. Only AJC clergy have access for follow-up purposes.
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