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Mark your calendars! Audibility's Kickstarter campaign goes live on May 17th, at 1PM PST. We need your help to bring our product to market. Please take a moment to commit to doing just one thing to help us out (or more if you're up for the challenge)! No matter how big or small your support, it WILL make a difference!

We will use your responses in this survey to gather your commitments and remind you of them on the day of our launch. It is EXTREMELY important that we have your support on the 1st day of our campaign to maximize our chances of being featured on Kickstarter's new and noteworthy page.

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If you can financially back our campaign, how much can you pledge (remember if you want to back financially, it's imperative that you give on the first day to help us get a boost from Kickstarter. You also don't have to pre-order product on Kickstarter to financially support the campaign.)?
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Thank you! We really appreciate your help! This campaign can't be successful without your help. Regardless of what you're able to do to help us we appreciate you taking your time to fill out this form. And please remember that if you want to back our campaign financially, it helps us more if you can do so in the first few days of the campaign. If we meet 30% of our goal within the first day we can be featured on the new and noteworthy page of Kickstarter.
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